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Functional rice flours

Rice is a great source of important nutrients.
Carbohydrates are the first element, making up almost 80% of it, with starch being the main component.

Naturis is an Italian company specialized in the development of high added value products that are economically accepted by the market, easy to use and innovative, and based on naturally treated cereals and pulses.

Best Matchin' is Naturis’ line of functional rice and pulses flours used in food preparations to bind, thicken, stabilize, and emulsify.
They are 100% natural ingredients for a true clean label.

Naturis pregelatinized flours are white, odorless, and disperse easily.
They work as functional agents: thickeners, emulsifiers, taste-maskers, viscosity enhancers, and coatings.

They can substitute starches and even modified starches. They are “clean” and can be declared as “rice flour”.
Pregelatinized rice flours are a great ingredient for a range of food applications.

They can be used as a:
- raw material: rice noodles, by itself or with corn and legumes
- basic ingredient: conventional and gluten-free bakery
- texturing, thickening, or gelling agent: soups, ready meals, vegetable cheeses, candies
- fat replacer: spreadable products and homemade ice cream
- filming agent: deep fried products
- filling agent: fillings for fresh pasta

Naturis Pregelatinized Functional Rice flours are distributed in the US market by Faravelli Inc

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