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A new source of teaghrelins

Particularly popular in Taiwan, oolong  is very ancient variety of tea, whose origin dates back over 400 years in China (Ming Dynasty), appreciated and famous for its quality and the uniqueness of its flavor.

Oolong is a semi-fermented tea, whose fermentation range varies from 8% to 70%, containing caffeine, flavonols, tea polyphenol, vitamin C and E, catechins, carotene and minerals such as zinc, selenium and florin: It was already very popular in the Traditional Chinese Medicine, which attributed a great number of health benefits, like for instance prevention of tooth decay, reduction and prevention of skin irritations, cholesterol control, fat metabolism control, regulation of body temperature and bronchial tract muscle relaxation.

Naturalea, a Swiss company founded in 2014, has developed a highly technological extraction process that makes no use of excipients or additives, applied to carefully chosen and aged leaves of the Tzen oolong tea plant to obtain Oolong, a bioactive rich lyophilized powder and a new source of teagrhelins.

Teagrhelins are acylated flavonoids that can be uniquely found in Chin-shin oolong tea leaves and that have been reported in literature for showing the same properties as ghrelin, the hunger hormone.
Several studies indicate how ghrelin regulates physiological functions, boosts metabolism and body vitality and promotes longevity.
Ghrelin stimulates protein anabolism in many tissues reflecting in increased amino-acid intake and enhanced utilization of fat. Naturalea’s exclusive extraction and lyophilization process yields an innovative extract rich in teaghrelins, a unique bioactive with numerous potential benefits, with a great umami taste of aged oolong tea, and no bitterness.

Oolong final extract is lyophilized into a high-quality powder, easily soluble in water, which can be used to enrich dietary supplements formulations (sachets, bars, capsules and instant tea powders).

Oolong can be used in sports nutrition for protein absorption, in senior nutrition to enhance body vitality and in smart super foods as a great metabolism booster.

Companies in North America can now source Naturalea’s oolong from Faravelli Inc, the US subsidiary of Faravelli.

Discover more about Oolong and all Naturalea's products by visiting booth 6965 at Supply Side West!

For info, please contact Faravelli Nutra Division: faravelli@faravelli.us







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